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Carolina Smoke is a five piece band that specializes in a variety of popular music including Classic Rock from the 70's, 80's, and 9o's as well as Dance Music, Funk, Soft Rock, and a few Country and Beach songs thrown in for good measure. Their goal is to provide quality music for almost any occasion including Parties, Corporate Events, Clubs, Weddings, Country Club Dances, Festivals, Benefits, and Back Yard Barbecues.

The band uses state of the art equipment and has a dedicated sound and lighting engineer to be sure the performance is pleasing to both the eyes and the ears. Loud volumes are never a problem since Doug plays a Roland electronic drum kit and there are no live amps on stage. The sound engineer, has total control of the sound and can adjust the volume to your preference from a whisper to a roar.

If you can't decide between a DJ or a live band why not have both for the price of one. Carolina Smoke can DJ your favorite dance songs and perform live, all in one fantastic package. They can even emcee and help plan your event if you would like. The group is comprised of multi talented professionals and couldn't be easier to work with. Their primary goal is to see that you are pleased with your entertainment choice and have a memorable engagement. Why not give them the privilege of performing for you.


Carolina Smoke

Scott - Vocals

Chad - Bass

Tom - Guitar and Vocals

Kay - Keyboards and Vocals

Doug - Drums, Percussion, and Vocals

Eddie - Sound Engineerand Lighting


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